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Our comitted team

Discover the faces behind FLOW 

Project leader 

"Hello, I am Elmo Swenne a young belgian guy studying bioengineer at ULB.


I have always been captivated by the sea, mainly because of its infinite depth and its fascinating and still largely unknown universe.

The FLOW project aims to make visible and fight against the sometimes invisible plastic pollution of the oceans, which destroys the biodiversity of our planet's waters. 

All these reasons and the desire to experience the field are what push me to participate in this project!"


Elmo Swenne

Pablo Bourcelet

Project leader and founder

"I am Pablo Bourcelet a third year Belgian bachelor student in bioengineering at the UCL. 


Blue horizons have always given me a sense of freedom. 

Today, I would like to form a crew that can learn more about this plastic crisis and act to push the world towards solutions."

Over the next year we will be travelling around the coasts of Europe to collect and collate more information on the presence of plastic and the European plastic restriction laws. Finally, we hope to create a network of specialists in this field. "


Soraya Vigneron

Communication Manager


My name is Soraya, I'm a PPE student majoring in Politics & International Relations at New College of the Humanities London. 


When Pablo and Elmo told me about  Flow I fell in love with the project and what it stands for: having a positive impact on environmental issues and raising awareness.


I was eager to be involved in the FLOW project and am now part of the Communication team. I hope to extend its reach and help share the process of their adventure around Europe! "

We look forward to meet the rest of the crew! 
Maybe it's you?
So don't hesitate and contact us to join F L O W. 

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