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We have a scientific mission and we encourage people to take care of our water and ours oceans

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F L O W is a resolutely positive and committed project in the service of the sustainability of water and the oceans, fighting against micro and macroplastic. This challenge is treated in resonance with the importance and urgency of the issue. 



The main objective of F L O W is to contribute to the fight against micro and macroplastic pollution of water and oceans.

To achieve this, there are three specific objectives:


  •  To collect information on the presence of macro and microplastics on the European coastline in order to contribute to research on their impact worldwide. This information will be processed by the taraocean laboratory in particular.


  • To meet, in each of the countries crossed, actors looking for solutions in the fight against water and ocean pollution


  • To give new visibility to this problem and above all to highlight existing and possible solutions via a video film in order to raise awareness and awaken the general public to this important and urgent issue.


documentary film 52'

interview of 20 professors responsible for this area

20 interviews with organisations offering solutions to fight water pollution.

realization of "micro-trottoirs", interview of random people. 

Some forty samples taken in 20 countries of the European Union. Samples that can be used and valorised within a protocol of the taraocean foundation in collaboration with Jean-François Ghiglione, Scientific Director.

An overview of European legislation and specific national regulations on plastics in the different EU countries.

In order to realise this project we need to raise €50,000. You will find a summary of our budget on the right and the evolution of our fund on gofundme.

We would like to inform you that we will invest 3000€ from our savings.

Thank you to all those who believe in flow and allow us to launch it! 

You can support us via our IBAN : BE13741006380939

or via gofundme

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